Dallas mother glued 2-yr-old daughter’s hands to wall

Elizabeth Escalona, 23, pleaded guilty this morning to injury to a child, admitting she beat her 2-year-old daughter and glued the child’s hands to the wall.

As Esclaona left the courtroom, she declined to talk about her guilty plea or her daughter, Joselyn Cedillo.

“I have no comment, and only God can judge me,” she said in a hallway outside the courtroom. “That’s all I gotta say.”

Police have said they believe Escalona tortured the girl over potty-training issues.

Police records show that Joseyln’s siblings told investigators that their mother kicked the girl in the stomach, hit her with a jug of milk, a belt and a shoe. They said Esclalona then put glue on Jocelyn’s hands and glued them to the wall.

Joseyln suffered extensive bruising, brain swelling, broken bones, swollen intestines, bruised lungs and an injured liver.

The girl was initially in a coma. She and her siblings were taken into state custody.

On the day Joseyln was injured in September, Escalona wrote on Facebook page: “Why does God put obstacles in my life?” She also changed her profile photo to one of her and Joseyln.

Escalona will be sentenced by state District Judge Larry Mitchell on Sept. 10. She faces up to life in prison but is also eligible for deferred adjudication. If Mitchell gives Escalona deferred adjudication in the case, she would not have a criminal conviction.


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Texas woman gets $1.4M utility bill in error

ABILENE, Texas — A lot of people gripe when they get high summertime electric bills. But Kristin Harriger’s bill was nearly $1.4 million.

The Abilene, Texas, woman immediately called her provider, Potentia Energy. She quickly learned that her bill was an error.

The utility provider also excused a $66,000 late fee listed on the bill.

Potentia told the Abilene Reporter-News ( http://bit.ly/LIdYBn) it had flagged the bill and had marked it to be held, but the bill mistakenly got sent out.

The bill said Harriger was being charged 100,000 cents, or $1,000, per kilowatt hour. The normal rate ranges from 8.2 cents to 12.1 cents.

Carmen Balver, director of the nonprofit protection group Consumer Watchdog recommended contacting state officials if people run into difficulty while trying to settle a dispute about an over-the-top bill.

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Texas sheriff’s office sued after bogus mass grave claim from ‘psychic’

Police search for “mass graves” at the rural Texas home in 2011 (AP/KPRC-TV)Joe Bankson and Gena Charlton have filed a lawsuit against the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and several media organizations after the Texas couple made global headlines in 2011 when their property was searched for a “mass grave” that was later debunked as nothing more than a bad tip from an alleged psychic.

“Not a single body was found buried in the backyard,” attorney Andrew B. Sommerman told The Dayton News. “This all started with a psychic who gave them (the sheriff’s office) a tip — a bad psychic who had given the sheriff’s office tips in the past that were wrong.”

Along with the sheriff’s office, Sommerman says the couple is filing suits alleging false statements against several media organizations, including KPRC, Belo Corp. The New York Times, CNN America, Thompson Reuters and ABC News.

The Dallas Observer reports that in their lawsuit, the couple alleges the search resulted in “mental anguish,” financial loss and “substantial damages” to their reputations.

When asked what the couple hopes to achieve, Sommerman said, “A little dignity. Vindication … At least now everyone will know the truth.”

In June 2011, local officials, the FBI and several national media organizations descended on the property as reports began to circulate that 25-30 bodies were buried on the grounds. After a search that Sommerman says left extensive damage to the property, police were forced to admit that their only “evidence” had come in the form of a tip from a 48-year-old grandmother, and self-described psychic, going by the name of “Angel.”

In their lawsuit, which was filed last week in the 193rd Judicial District in Dallas, Bankson and Charlton claim they have been unable to return to their rented home because, “everyone looks at them askance because of the accusations made against them.”

The couple also alleges that the sheriff’s office failed to secure their property after what they call an “unreasonable search.”

“This situation was handled okay on our end. It checked out for us,” Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson told the Dayton News. “I am not worried about our part of it. Everyone (the media) at that location was told that nothing was going on and we couldn’t stop what happened.”

The couple is also reportedly trying to sue “Angel,” who is listed as a Jane Doe in the lawsuit, but they have as yet been unable to obtain her legal name.

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Baby ejected during high speed chase

Police in Lubbock, Texas have released shocking video of a Saturday night car chase that resulted in an accident.

An 18-month-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and stood up to run after the car.

Minutes before, 17-year-old Kenny Shawn Jimenez and three other teens robbed 19-year-old Chelsea Betenbough in a parking lot.

When Betenbough was approached by Jimenez she assumed it was a joke.

He demanded she hand over her things, so she gave him the little cash she had.

“Then he turned around and was like, ‘No, give me your purse’ and me not really thinking, I was like ‘No.’ He said, ‘I will shoot you, give me your purse,'” Betenbough said.

Betenbough quickly handed it over.

Before the vehicle sped away, she noticed the three other individuals and a baby in the back seat.

“He was getting in the car and I said ‘All that with a baby in the back seat?’ I was shocked I saw her,” Betenbough said.

Betenbough called police who quickly located the vehicle.

The suspects sped away, leading officials on a chase that ended when the vehicle crashed.

Police quickly realized the child had been ejected through the back window.

The video shows the little girl standing up and walking around.

She then stumbles for a moment and falls, but quickly gets up and runs toward the vehicle.

One of the suspects got out of the car and grabbed the child.

Witnesses in the neighborhood said two of the suspects were seen running down the street with the child.

They were later arrested in a nearby backyard.

The toddler was taken to the hospital, but remarkably she only had minor injuries.

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