Mattel puts end to search for real-life Barbie

A CAMPAIGN to find Australia’s real-life Barbie has been shut down by the iconic doll’s creators.

The Sunday Mail has learnt that an Australian licensee of Mattel has been given a dressing down after issuing a casting call without the permission of the plastic doll’s international manufacturer.

The advertisement, which bore the Mattel name, called for tanned Queensland women, size six to 10, and 25 years or under, to apply for the role. The successful candidate was also required to have Barbie’s trademark blonde locks, be no shorter than 170cm, have a perfect face and teeth, and be able to speak with an American accent.

“You will need to have the right personality to become Mattel’s Barbie,” the casting call said.

It was issued on online audition noticeboard StarNow on September 18 but pulled last week after Mattel Australia was contacted by The Sunday Mail.

Gretta Addison of Mattel Australia said the casting call had been issued by a licensee partner.

“This was not posted by Mattel. It was a partner of Mattel who manages specific promotions and we are working with them to understand why this was posted,” Ms Addison said.

“And, in fact, when we cast Barbie models around the world, while we do look for young women and men to play Barbie and Ken who have some resemblance to the local image, we are looking for clever, fun actors who relate to children and understand how to interpret the brand.”

In place of the advertisement was a one line message: This listing has been temporarily removed by StarNow staff for further review.

The popular plastic fashion doll was launched by Mattel in 1959 and her “life” has been controversial. She has been criticised for promoting an unrealistic body image for young women with estimates putting her body mass index at 16.24, anorexic by health standards.


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Massive Apartment Fire Started By Man Cooking a Squirrel With a Blow Torch

Squirrel Eating Torch Fire Apartment

Hope he likes his squirrel well-done.

A fire that ravaged an apartment complex in Holland Township, Mich. reportedly started because a resident was a little clumsy with a propane blowtorch, which he was using to prepare a squirrel carcass for eating.

The blaze started at about 12:30 pm Wednesday, Michigan Live reports. The resident was on his third-floor patio, using the torch to singe the fur off the dead animal, when he accidentally ignited the deck.

The flames rapidly got out of control and spread to the roof, according to Wood TV. Ultimately, eight apartments were destroyed, several more sustained significant damage, and the roof of the apartment complex caved in.

The Lansing State Journal reports that the American Red Cross is providing assistance to the dozen families who have been left homeless.

No one was injured in the blaze.

Squirrel torched to eat; apts destroyed

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38 stitches in his face after opening ice cold can explodes

Putting a can of pop in a freezer may seem like the best short-term fix to enjoy an ice-cold drink.

But for one young boy in China, he will forever remember the day he did it.

On taking a can of cola out of the freezer after a few hours, the can exploded causing horrible injuries.

Scarred: A young boy required 38 stitches after opening a can of cola that had been in the freezerScarred: A young boy required 38 stitches after opening a can of cola that had been in the freezer

The can exploded sending aluminum shrapnel into the boys face, cutting into his skin.

He ended up with 38 stitches on the lower part of his face, including seven on the inside of the mouth, and was lucky to avoid more serious injuries.

When a can of fizzy drink is frozen, the volume inside the package expands, and the carbon dioxide gas is squeezed out as it solidifies.

Dangerous: When a can is frozen, the carbon dioxide inside is put under intense pressureDangerous: When a can is frozen, the carbon dioxide inside is put under intense pressure

Thankfully most of the time, the ‘explosion’ will happen when the can is still in the freezer, with the a somewhat mishaped can and a sticky liquid being the end product.

However, things for this young boy didn’t end so well.

But far from hide away, the boys mother has taken to social networking website Weibo to post pictures of the horrible accident, warning others of the dangers of putting fizzy drinks in the freezer.

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‘Who’s Your Daddy’ DNA Test Truck

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It is a sign of the times — getting a quick DNA test is now as easy as walking up to a truck.

The “Who’s Your Daddy” recreational vehicle is selling DNA tests, mostly to fathers who suspect their children may not actually be theirs.

“They flag us down, they pull us over, they talk to us,” owner and operator Jared Rosenthal said Wednesday. “Sometimes, because of the nature of the services, they want to be a little more discreet about it, but they do come or they’ll call the number.”

In this business, Rosenthal said he deals with all kinds of crazy situations all day, every day.

“We have people that want to get the specimen from their spouse without them knowing about it,” Rosenthal said. “We deal with a lot of drama, it’s constant drama.”

There have been instances where men have walked in with a baby to give DNA samples only to find out later they’re not related.

When asked by CBS 2’s Dave Carlin why he was taking the DNA test from the traveling truck, one unidentified man explained, “I’m paying child support anyways and I would do it anyways. You just want to know.”

“There’s a lot of difficult situations and tough moments and heartbreak,” Rosenthal said, adding that there are happy endings as well. “There’s a lot of good news that we’re able to deliver and there’s a lot of happy moments.”

For example, the test helped a 44-year-old Harlem man find his long lost 20-year-old daughter.

Rosenthal maintained that his credentials are legitimate and that his business is legal. In fact, he said he believes he is providing an essential service.

“It’s not something people talk about, but there is a big need for it,” he said.

Inwood resident Kesha Veras agreed.

“The mother is like ‘You’re the father.’ He says ‘No the heck I’m not.’ You don’t know. Right there, that’s how you find out,” Veras said.

As you might imagine, wherever Rosenthal’s truck goes it attracts attention. Reactions range from people saying ‘How could he?’ to others who saying ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

“Yeah, more power to him,” said Manny Castillo of Elizabeth, N.J.

“It’s a good idea!” added Marlin Martinez of Inwood.

“He’s gonna always have customers, unfortunately,” Dominique Dale said.

Rosenthal said he takes it all in stride.

“Half the job is to be a psychologist to folks,” he said.

The DNA tests, which cost between $299 and $575, require a simple cheek swab from each participant and lab analysis. Results are available in a couple of days.

For more information on the DNA testing truck, click here.


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Mystery ‘monster’ animal washes up on New York beach

A strange-looking creature has become the subject of conspiracy theories in New York.

A dead animal washed up on a New York beach last week, with people debating that it is either a dog, a pig, a giant rat or some form of mutant beast, reports The Telegraph.

The New York Parks Department have stated that it is a pig that has become bloated after being in the river, but it appears to have toes instead of hooves.

The animal was found by Denise Ginley, who photographed it after walking under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mrs Ginley said: “We were horrified by it and we took some camera phone pictures and then finally we decided to come back with my camera and I got up the courage to climb over the fence and get closer to it.

“I definitely agree that the feet are not pig-like at all. No hooves or cloven feet to be seen it definitely had five toes on all its paws, front and back.”

She added: “I think it could be a monstrously huge rat, but it could also be a monster. A rat that big would pretty much be a monster anyway, wouldn’t it?”

An online writer later launched a conspiracy theory, stating: “I don’t think it’s purely coincidence that these unidentifiable creatures have washed up on shores around Plum Island where the government has their Center for Animal Diseases.

“I think these poor things are lab experiments the govt doesn’t want us to know about.”

However, a New York Parks Department officer said: “It was a pig left over from a cookout. We disposed of it.

“It was a roasted pig we threw it out. We didn’t count its toes, we just threw it out.”

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Woman drinks 6 gallons of water a day

A young mother is speaking out about her bizarre addiction to drinking water. She guzzles up to six gallons a day.

Sasha Kennedy, 26, takes large bottles around with her wherever she goes.

Because of her addiction, she has to use the restroom up to 40 times a day, and she claims she has quit jobs over the lack of quality water.

The mother-of-two, who said she has no health problems, even wakes up several times a night to sip water and go to the bathroom.

Kennedy said the habit is affecting her sleep, too.

“If I feel my mouth start to get dry I have to get my next fix of water; it’s all I can focus on,” Kennedy said.

“People never really think anyone can drink that much until they get to know me – then they just cannot believe their eyes. I feel thirsty pretty much all the time and always have to be sipping water – it’s an addictive habit.

Kennedy, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, in the U.K., has two children: Reggie, 2, and Fraser, 1. She said she started drinking large quantities of water when she was just a toddler and hasn’t been able to stop since.

By the time Kennedy was 6-years-old, her mother had to place a plastic jug full of water next to her bed. She said she would get up during the night to refill the container.

By the age of 13, she was already drinking up to three gallons a day.

Drinking too much water can be dangerous; it can lead to water intoxication, or hyponatremia, in which there is not enough salt in the body’s fluids outside the cells. Both conditions can lead to serious health problems, and even death.

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Mother says son saved from drowning by family dog

A Marcellus woman says their family dog saved her son’s life.  Patricia Drauch says she was heading to her garage with her 14-month-old son, Stanley, when she noticed he was not following her.

She found him face-up in the water and, she says, he appeared to be blue.  Drauch told police that the family dog, a black lab named Bear, was in the pool and holding Stanley out of the water on the dog’s back.

“That image of seeing your child like that, it doesn’t go away. It’s still in my mind,” says Drauch.

Drauch rushed her son to the nearby Marcellus Fire Department.  Stanley regained consciousness while in the car.  He was checked out at the station, then taken to a hospital in Three Rivers where he was treated and released.

Drauch says, “There’s no water in his lungs, so we all believe if it wasn’t for Bear holding him up out of the water, he would have sunk down.”

The family is calling Bear a hero.

Meantime, the Drauch’s are working to put up a fence around the pool.

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