Man stalks clerk, steals her mail, pays her bills

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) — A Southern Indiana man is now charged in a bizarre case of stalking.

James Horlander is charged in Clark County. Police say Horlander was stalking a clerk from the Thornton’s on Court Avenue in Jeffersonville.

Court documents show Horlander went to the store several times a day and was seen sitting outside her residence on numerous occasions.

The alleged victim says he was even taking her mail, paying her bills and followed her every where she went.

The two only know each other from the Thornton’s.

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Man Exposes Himself On His Way To Court

Keep it in your pants, buddy.

A Seattle man is accused of exposing himself on the way to court to face another flashing charge, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Vladimir Mishkov, 26, has been accused of exposing himself on five separate occasions, and he’s been convicted of the charge four times.

In the most recent alleged incident on June 12, Mishkov was changing out of his jail uniform in preparation for court when he shouted to a nearby corrections technician, according to the Post Intelligencer. When the worker looked over, Mishkov was allegedly fully exposed and masturbating.

“By his own admission, Mishkov has exposed himself 200 to 300 times,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Christina Miyamasu said, according to documents obtained by the paper.

Mishkov’s story comes on the heels of at least two serial flashing fiascos.

As reported in the Courier Mail, Clifford Candy of Brisbane, Australia told a judge this month that he flashes people to fight his fear of nudity.

And two weeks ago, a former “Star Wars” Ewok was convicted of flashing a college student on a train to Manchester, England.


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Man arrested on suspicion of stealing dead man’s property

Police arrested a 20-year-old Downey resident on suspicion of stealing property after a man died during a meeting set up on

Detectives say Benjamin Johnson of Downey took a car, a wallet, a dog and computers from the South Pasadena apartment  of Miguel Santamaria after Santamaria died in his apartment on May 17.

Santamaria’s body wasn’t found until four days later.

Downey Police on Wednesday spotted Santamaria’s car in the parking lot of a hotel on the 9400 block of Firestone Avenue and officers contacted the South Pasadena Police Department, according to statement from the sheriff’s department.

Police contacted Johnson inside the hotel and arrested him. He was staying with a woman, but police let her go, according to the statement.

Johnson confessed to taking the things from Santamaria after Santamaria died during a visit from Johnson, according to police. Johnson threw the computers away and let the dog go, he said.

The statement did not say the nature of the meeting set up on The coroner ruled that Santamaria died of natural causes.

Johnson was arraigned this morning in Downey Superior Court and he is being held on $35,000 bail. The dog was taken by the pound.

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