Massive Apartment Fire Started By Man Cooking a Squirrel With a Blow Torch

Squirrel Eating Torch Fire Apartment

Hope he likes his squirrel well-done.

A fire that ravaged an apartment complex in Holland Township, Mich. reportedly started because a resident was a little clumsy with a propane blowtorch, which he was using to prepare a squirrel carcass for eating.

The blaze started at about 12:30 pm Wednesday, Michigan Live reports. The resident was on his third-floor patio, using the torch to singe the fur off the dead animal, when he accidentally ignited the deck.

The flames rapidly got out of control and spread to the roof, according to Wood TV. Ultimately, eight apartments were destroyed, several more sustained significant damage, and the roof of the apartment complex caved in.

The Lansing State Journal reports that the American Red Cross is providing assistance to the dozen families who have been left homeless.

No one was injured in the blaze.

Squirrel torched to eat; apts destroyed

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38 stitches in his face after opening ice cold can explodes

Putting a can of pop in a freezer may seem like the best short-term fix to enjoy an ice-cold drink.

But for one young boy in China, he will forever remember the day he did it.

On taking a can of cola out of the freezer after a few hours, the can exploded causing horrible injuries.

Scarred: A young boy required 38 stitches after opening a can of cola that had been in the freezerScarred: A young boy required 38 stitches after opening a can of cola that had been in the freezer

The can exploded sending aluminum shrapnel into the boys face, cutting into his skin.

He ended up with 38 stitches on the lower part of his face, including seven on the inside of the mouth, and was lucky to avoid more serious injuries.

When a can of fizzy drink is frozen, the volume inside the package expands, and the carbon dioxide gas is squeezed out as it solidifies.

Dangerous: When a can is frozen, the carbon dioxide inside is put under intense pressureDangerous: When a can is frozen, the carbon dioxide inside is put under intense pressure

Thankfully most of the time, the ‘explosion’ will happen when the can is still in the freezer, with the a somewhat mishaped can and a sticky liquid being the end product.

However, things for this young boy didn’t end so well.

But far from hide away, the boys mother has taken to social networking website Weibo to post pictures of the horrible accident, warning others of the dangers of putting fizzy drinks in the freezer.

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Texas woman gets $1.4M utility bill in error

ABILENE, Texas — A lot of people gripe when they get high summertime electric bills. But Kristin Harriger’s bill was nearly $1.4 million.

The Abilene, Texas, woman immediately called her provider, Potentia Energy. She quickly learned that her bill was an error.

The utility provider also excused a $66,000 late fee listed on the bill.

Potentia told the Abilene Reporter-News ( it had flagged the bill and had marked it to be held, but the bill mistakenly got sent out.

The bill said Harriger was being charged 100,000 cents, or $1,000, per kilowatt hour. The normal rate ranges from 8.2 cents to 12.1 cents.

Carmen Balver, director of the nonprofit protection group Consumer Watchdog recommended contacting state officials if people run into difficulty while trying to settle a dispute about an over-the-top bill.

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Mickey Mouse ‘found’ in large crater on Mercury

The craters were discovered on the southern hemisphere of Mercury, northwest of a larger crater known as Magritte.

The largest crater making up Mickey’s ‘head’ measures at around 65 miles (105 kilometers) across.

The photo was taken during NASA’s Messenger probe, which aims to collect images when the sun is near the horizon.

During these times, the sun produces long shadows that bring up smaller features on the planet’s surface.

The Messenger spacecraft was the first to orbit Mercury in March 2011. It was recently given a one-year extension until March 2013 after having already collected nearly 100,000 images.

The Magritte crater’s daytime temperatures rise to around 400°C (752°F), while it drops to as low as -200°C (-328°F) at night.

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Texas sheriff’s office sued after bogus mass grave claim from ‘psychic’

Police search for “mass graves” at the rural Texas home in 2011 (AP/KPRC-TV)Joe Bankson and Gena Charlton have filed a lawsuit against the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and several media organizations after the Texas couple made global headlines in 2011 when their property was searched for a “mass grave” that was later debunked as nothing more than a bad tip from an alleged psychic.

“Not a single body was found buried in the backyard,” attorney Andrew B. Sommerman told The Dayton News. “This all started with a psychic who gave them (the sheriff’s office) a tip — a bad psychic who had given the sheriff’s office tips in the past that were wrong.”

Along with the sheriff’s office, Sommerman says the couple is filing suits alleging false statements against several media organizations, including KPRC, Belo Corp. The New York Times, CNN America, Thompson Reuters and ABC News.

The Dallas Observer reports that in their lawsuit, the couple alleges the search resulted in “mental anguish,” financial loss and “substantial damages” to their reputations.

When asked what the couple hopes to achieve, Sommerman said, “A little dignity. Vindication … At least now everyone will know the truth.”

In June 2011, local officials, the FBI and several national media organizations descended on the property as reports began to circulate that 25-30 bodies were buried on the grounds. After a search that Sommerman says left extensive damage to the property, police were forced to admit that their only “evidence” had come in the form of a tip from a 48-year-old grandmother, and self-described psychic, going by the name of “Angel.”

In their lawsuit, which was filed last week in the 193rd Judicial District in Dallas, Bankson and Charlton claim they have been unable to return to their rented home because, “everyone looks at them askance because of the accusations made against them.”

The couple also alleges that the sheriff’s office failed to secure their property after what they call an “unreasonable search.”

“This situation was handled okay on our end. It checked out for us,” Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson told the Dayton News. “I am not worried about our part of it. Everyone (the media) at that location was told that nothing was going on and we couldn’t stop what happened.”

The couple is also reportedly trying to sue “Angel,” who is listed as a Jane Doe in the lawsuit, but they have as yet been unable to obtain her legal name.

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