Woman drops dead at counter of McDonald’s and staff ‘keep on serving burgers’

Staff at a McDonald’s in Croatia allegedly carried on selling burgers despite the fact a customer had dropped dead in front of the counter.

After efforts to revive her failed, the woman was instead propped up in the corner of the restaurant and had a napkin placed over her head as workers continued to serve other customers, it has been claimed.

The woman, thought to have died of a suspected heart attack, had complained of feeling unwell just moments after going inside the fast food restaurant in the southern town of Sibenik.

She collapsed at the counter and, despite emergency services being called, doctors were unable to revive the Bosnian woman, who lived in Denmark but had been visiting the area.

Staff have been criticised after they carried on serving drive-through customers after she was declared dead.

Croatian media reported that the body was in the restaurant for an hour-and-a-half before a mortuary car arrived to remove it.

Restaurant officials have claimed local media exaggerated the incident and said it was only the drive-thru section that remained operating while they awaited mortuary staff.

They also said that the main restaurant – where the body was – had been closed to customers.

McDonald’s was contacted for comment but did not respond to the request.

(Please Note: WE take no credit for this story. All information is from here!)

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