Mother gives her teenage daughter permission to be a prostitute

A FORMER brothel madam has given her 16-year-old daughter the all-clear to go out to work — as a PROSTITUTE.

Becky Adams, 45, has guided scores of call girls during 20 years in the world’s oldest profession.

The mum of two has now quit, but insists she would be happy if Emilia chose to be a “high class escort” — and says she would even help to get the teenager started.

Becky told The Sun: “Society may judge her but I wouldn’t. At least prostitution is an honest profession.

“I’d much rather she work as an escort than a banker.

“I couldn’t understand her wanting to do something morally wrong, something that could jeopardise someone else.”


Becky Adams

Fair game … Becky in her boudoir


Teenager Emilia, who is currently working in a shop and at a car showroom while studying travel and tourism, agrees with her mum.

She said: “I don’t have a moral problem with having sex with strangers. I don’t think it’s wrong for women to sell their bodies.

“I’m not promiscuous but sex isn’t a massive thing for me.

“I certainly don’t regret losing my virginity at 14.”

Convent-educated Becky told how she drifted into her line of work after rebelling against her strict upbringing in Wales.

She says: “Mum was brought up in a very strict Welsh working class background and ruled the house with a rod of iron.

“She never cuddled me or told me she loved me. She was quite emotionally cold.”

Growing up in such a strict environment gave Becky a strong urge to rebel. And those feelings intensified when she was 17 and met Gary — a petty criminal with a shaven head, fresh out of a Young Offenders’ institution. He was everything her mum hated.

Despite her mother’s pleas for her to ditch him and go to university, Becky was hooked.


Becky Adams and daughter Emilia

Green light … mum Becky has told Emilia that prostitution is honest

She and Gary had an on-off relationship for ten years, and in 1989 their daughter Abigail, now 23, was born. But the relationship remained volatile and Becky eventually left for a women’s refuge, taking little Abi with her.

Penniless, Becky had to think of some way to earn a living. So she set up Scrubbers, a topless carwashing business in Milton Keynes, Bucks, where she still lives.

She recalled: “It was hilarious. We were in stockings and suspenders running round topless. The council went mad.”

Later, she acted as the driver for a hard-up friend who began working for an escort agency. Word spread and Becky ended up looking after a group of girls.

She said: “Some would earn £1,000 a week. I had a go at prostitution myself but I wasn’t any good at it.

“I hated a stranger being in my personal space.”


Becky Adams

Putting the boot in … former madam Becky

She thrived as a madam, though, opening two brothels while bringing up Abigail and Emilia, born in 1995 to another boyfriend.

Emilia spent much of her childhood surrounded by call girls and exploring brothels after hours.

Becky explained: “Me and the kids never lived in the brothels. I kept that side separate from family.

“But, inevitably, the working girls became good friends. They were always popping round for a cup of tea. Emilia loved them but she’d never know their real names.”

Emilia added: “One of mum’s girls in particular became more like an aunt to me.

“I loved being surrounded by these nice, glamorous women. It was a happy family.”

Becky is glad that her youngest daughter grew up surrounded by her girls and the tools of the trade, claiming that it has made her more open-minded and relaxed about sex.

She said: “I think my work showed Emilia that the reality of prostitution is just very ordinary. The girls have their shifts and they go to work.

“They can have a bad day or a quiet day, just like anybody else.”

She added: “I made sure all the girls were safe. There were no drugs or alcohol, just local ladies working to provide for their kids.”

Becky now works for a Lottery-funded charity helping students who have gone on the game to pay their way through university.

Emilia admits her mum’s work did cause her problems at school.

She said: “Even when kids bullied me over Mum’s job, I told myself, ‘Well, I’ll still have things you’ll never be able to afford’.

“I had horses, nice clothes — it made up for not seeing Mum much, or going to the shops to buy 300 condoms at 12.”


Becky Adams and daughter Emilia

‘Prostitution is a service’ … Becky and Emilia, 16

Becky said: “Prostitution is a service. It’s like care work. Clients might be disabled or widowed, it’s about making them feel special.

“Emilia has seen all that. She’s seen how it can save marriages — how a man whose wife is fighting cancer will visit a prostitute rather than start an affair. She’s not shocked by anything as a result.”

But she doubts whether Emilia will indeed end up as a hooker, saying her daughter would be more suited to becoming a madam.

Becky said: “She’d be brilliant at my job. She’d make a lousy prostitute though — she couldn’t put up with the hard graft.

“To be a good prostitute, you need the constitution of a landscape gardener. The girls see five or six clients a day. For that hour-long appointment you need to be on top of your game.

“The sex may only last ten minutes but for the rest of the session — the conversation, the bathing, the massage — you need to make your client feel like they’re the only person in the world.

“It’s like giving five or six gruelling business presentations in one day. I don’t think Emilia could put up with that.”

Emilia admitted: “After what I’ve seen, the environment doesn’t scare me. But I think I’d get hooked on the money.

“I love material things. I worry that I’d become addicted.”

Becky added: “Obviously I wouldn’t want Emilia to be a hooker on a street corner.

“But I’d have no objections at all if, when she reaches 18, she decided to become a high class escort.


Becky Adams

‘I could manage her money’ … but Becky doesn’t think her daughter would be good

“I could even manage her money and taxes.

“What I always remember is that every girl who worked for me was someone’s daughter.

“It would be hugely hypocritical for me to say, ‘It’s good enough for their daughters, but not for mine’. ”

“All young people need looking after. I want prostitutes — whether it be my daughter, or yours — to be safe and do it properly.”


By MARK WAKELING of Beyond The Streets charity

A LIFE of prostitution is inherently harmful – as I know all too well in my role as director of Beyond The Streets, a UK charity working to end sexual exploitation.

Any attempt to promote or glamourise it ignores the extreme harm it does to the individuals in the profession, as well as to their families.

The sale of sex will always lead to the exploitation of the vulnerable and we cannot let prostitution be seen as a leisure activity.

For many caught up in prostitution, there is terrible exploitation and abuse. It should not be viewed as a desirable profession.

With the Olympics just days away, there is a focus on whether women are being trafficked here and the exploitation which may ensue.

There are also those who suggest many women choose prostitution and see the Games as a business opportunity.

There is uncertainty as to how many will be trafficked for the Games but we must remember that the events are temporary and what remains is a part of London where prostitution has destroyed lives for years.


(We take NO credit for this story. All information is from here!)


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