Dad offers year of beer in exchange for son’s apprenticeship


An Australian father has offered companies a year’s supply of beer if they take his son on as an electrical apprentice.

Paul McVeigh from Queensland has put up the advertisement as his son has been struggling to find a trade, reports ABC News.

The listing reads: “Free beer – one year’s supply. 50 cartons in exchange for electrical apprenticeship for my 19-year-old son. Local, hardworking, reliable, desperate, not a quitter.”

McVeigh’s son Nick explained: “We’ve been around and we haven’t found anything so far. I’ve showed up at stores in person and still nothing. [I’ve also] sent out resumes to more than 100 places at least, all over Queensland.”

Though there has been interest in the advert, the plan has yet to find success.

One electrical company admitted that they were unimpressed with the Paul’s job-hunting tactics. Christine Bower at A Plus Electrical and Air Conditioning said that he came into her office with the proposition recently.

She recalled: “I just threw that resume straight in the bin because I feel as though his son should have come in with his dad, and I don’t believe that the dad should have to do all the running around to get his son a job.”

If the offer is accepted, Paul would be spending “a couple of grand” on beer. He justified this amount as “a worthy investment in [his] son’s future”.


(Please Note: We take NO credit for this story. All information is from here!)


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