Man Arrested While Sunbathing Naked And Holding Rubber Penis

Joseph Lamar Conn said he wanted to simply catch a few rays by sunbathing nude.

However, by doing it on his front porch in Florida, he managed to catch the attention of the Ocala Police Department.

Conn, a 49-year-old registerred sex offender, was taken into custody Monday for allegedly exposing himself while holding a rubber penis in his hand, according to NBC Miami.

Officers, answering a call from a neighbor, drove to Conn’s home where they allegedly saw him lying nude on a blanket and gripping a rubber phallus. When Conn spotted the cops, he wrapped himself in the blanket, according to He ducked inside the house and reemerged wearing shorts.

The arresting officer, Anthony Reghetti, asked Conn why he had been naked and the suspect told him he likes to sunbathe while holding the sex toy. He added that he wasn’t aware he could be seen from the street, which is also home to a Methodist church.

It didn’t help that Conn, 49, is a registered sex offender who was found guilty in 2002 of principal lewd assault and sexual battery on a victim younger than 16, and was released from prison in March after serving a one-year sentence for violating sex offender rules.


(Please Note: We take NO credit for this story.. All information is from here!)

Conn was taken to the Marion County Jail, reported.


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