Kentucky woman glued to Walmart toilet seat

A bathroom break turned embarrassing and painful for a Kentucky woman Tuesday.

Monticello city officials told ABC Action News the woman went to use a toilet in the local Walmart when she realized she was stuck to the seat.

It was later determined the seat was covered in Super Glue.

According to the website, the woman was stuck inside the restroom for nearly an hour.

Police are now investigating the incident.

“We’re looking at it. Right now, I wouldn’t be prepared to say which way it was — accident or intention,” the city’s police chief Ralph Miniard told ABC Action

This isn’t the first time someone was glued to a toilet seat at a Walmart, ABC Action News says.

A man got stuck to a toilet at a Maryland Walmart on March 31, the result of an April Fool’s Day prank.

Putting Super Glue on a toilet is considered a crime, and the perpetrator could face second-degree assault charges, Lt. Matthew Donnelly of the Elkton police department said.


(Please Note: We take NO credit for this story. All information is from the following site!)


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