Wolves maul a woman to death at a zoo in Sweden

Eight of the wolves are thought to have surrounded and attacked the woman, who was in her 30s.

Her body was found by a colleague — but the snarling pack would not let anyone near her. Eventually brave zoo workers formed a human chain and rushed the wolves, forcing them back.

Jan Tengeborg, who organized the attempt to recover the body, said: “We couldn’t get into the enclosure because the wolves clearly did not want us in there. You can’t just walk right into a wolf pack.”

No one witnessed the attack so it is not yet clear exactly what triggered it. The dead woman has not been named.

The same pack attacked TV naturalist Arne Weise when Kolmarden Wildlife Park opened in Braviken Bay, Sweden, in 2007.

He said yesterday: “We have to stop interacting so closely with wolves. It is wrong, the risk is too great. We must recognize they are dangerous animals.”

Armed police were called to the zoo but did not open fire. Mats Höggren, director at Kolmarden — where earlier this year a girl of 15 was bitten on the leg by a wolf — said: “This is is terrible.

“She was alone in the wolves’ yard but had contact with a colleague via two-way radio.

“The colleague thought she had been gone longer than usual, so investigated and found her body.” He said the animals would not be put down.


(Please Note: We take NO credit for this story. All information is from here!)


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