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Man Exposes Himself On His Way To Court

Keep it in your pants, buddy.

A Seattle man is accused of exposing himself on the way to court to face another flashing charge, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Vladimir Mishkov, 26, has been accused of exposing himself on five separate occasions, and he’s been convicted of the charge four times.

In the most recent alleged incident on June 12, Mishkov was changing out of his jail uniform in preparation for court when he shouted to a nearby corrections technician, according to the Post Intelligencer. When the worker looked over, Mishkov was allegedly fully exposed and masturbating.

“By his own admission, Mishkov has exposed himself 200 to 300 times,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Christina Miyamasu said, according to documents obtained by the paper.

Mishkov’s story comes on the heels of at least two serial flashing fiascos.

As reported in the Courier Mail, Clifford Candy of Brisbane, Australia told a judge this month that he flashes people to fight his fear of nudity.

And two weeks ago, a former “Star Wars” Ewok was convicted of flashing a college student on a train to Manchester, England.


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Doctor pulls live 13 cm worm out of 75-year-old man’s eye

A man from India, P K Krishnamurthy, 75, felt his right eye twitching and even hurting at times over the course of two weeks. On Wednesday, doctors discovered the cause and removed a 13-cm live worm from his eye, in one of Mulund’s rarest medical instances.

The parasite – which had taken residence under conjunctiva (the transparent layer that covers the front of the eye) – had travelled all the way from Krishnamurthy’s intestine, through the blood stream, to reach the eye. Its journey stunned doctors, who said that they had not heard of a precedent.

“We haven’t come across such long worms travelling so far,” said eye surgeon Dr V Seetharaman, who operated upon Krishnamurthy at Fortis Hospital, Mulund.

Doctors at JJ Hospital, one of the city’s largest medical facilities, said that they had encountered only one such instance in the past 20 years, but the crawly culprit in the case was only 2 to 3 cm long.

Krishnamurthy started feeling irritation in his left eye two weeks ago. He consulted an ophthalmologist, who prescribed him eye drops. The twitching and pain, however, didn’t subside.

On Wednesday morning, the 75-year-old consulted Dr Seetharaman.

“I was shocked when the doctor told me that there was a live worm in my left eye and that I needed to undergo a surgery,” Krishnamurthy said just hours after the surgery.

Dr Seetharaman said that the worm was not only alive, but moving, and was visible by naked eye. “It was coiled up underneath the conjunctiva, below the superficial layer of the eye,” he said.


“There have been cases, though very rare, of intestinal worms travelling to the eye. But never a worm as long as this one.” Dr Seetharaman made a small opening in Krishnamurthy’s conjunctiva, and removed the 12.5-cm worm using a pair of forceps. The tricky procedure, which was video-recorded, lasted 15 to 20 minutes. “The worm could have travelled deeper into the eye or gone to the brain through the optic nerves, which could have been fatal,” the eye surgeon said, adding that the case was his first in his 30-year practice.

Krishnamurthy’s wife, Saraswati, who witnessed the surgery, said that the sight of live worm being pulled out from her husband’s eye left her horrified.

“It just kept moving and jumping; it was scary for a bit.”

Saraswati initially thought that her husband’s passion for gardening had landed him in trouble.

“He does gardening for most part of the day, so I thought that some worm from a plant may have entered his eye. Doctors explained that it had travelled from his intestine,” she said.

Dr Ragini Parekh, an eye surgeon at JJ that sees 300 eye patients in a day, said that intestinal worms that entered the eye were usually small.

“In my 20-year practice, this is the first time I have heard about a nearly 13-cm-long worm surgically removed from an eye,” said Parekh, who heads the ophthalmology department.

She added that had the worm not been removed, it could have died in Krishnamurthy’s eye and caused a toxic reaction.

“The patient could even lose his/her eye in such cases,” she said.

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Man charged with hiring hitman to kill hitman

By Louis Casiano, msnbc.com

Police say a Detroit-area man was caught on tape trying to hire someone to kill the hitman who killed his wife, according to media reports.

Authorities arrested Bob Bashara of Grosse Pointe Park on Monday and charged him with solicitation of murder, prosecutors said in a news conference, NBC station WDIV reported. The Detroit Free Press reported that he was arrested at a property he owned that police said had a sex dungeon in the basement.

Officials allege Bashara offered to pay someone to murder Joseph Gentz, the man charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Jane Bashara, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy told reporters that Bashara had several meetings with someone between June 8 and June 25 with the intention of hiring the person to kill Gentz in the detention facility where he’s being held before his July 23 court date.

“We are alleging that this defendant, Mr. Bashara, met with another person, not a law enforcement official, on several occasions for the purpose of hatching a plan to kill Mr. Gentz in jail,” Worthy said.

WDIV reported that the man whom Bashara is accused of soliciting to carry out the murder was cooperating with police and was wired for audio.

Worth said Bashara also met with a second person whom he wanted to kill Gentz, the paper reported.

The Free Press reported that Bashara was a person of interest in his wife’s death after he failed a polygraph examination, but he hasn’t been charged.

Jane Bashara was strangled in her SUV in January.

The station reported that sources said Gentz, who had been Bashara’s handyman on several real estate deals, killed Jane Bashara on her husband’s order.

David Griem, Bashara’s attorney, told the paper that his client believes he was being set up.

“He was shocked, he was surprised, he didn’t know why he had been arrested,” Griem told the paper.

He said Bashara told him before being transferred to a county jail, “David, this is a setup.”

Griem told the paper that Bashara said he believes the person trying to set him up is someone he knows, but not well. Griem said Bashara thinks it’s someone who sold furniture and appliances to him.

Griem said a man approached Bashara several times about the idea of killing Gentz, but turned him down each time.

Gentz’s attorney, Susan Reed, told the paper she alerted officials that her client was in danger when someone told her about the plot against him. She didn’t suspect Bashara of being involved until he was arrested.

“It makes sense,” she told the newspaper.

Gentz has been moved into segregation in jail for his own safety, the Free Press reported. WDIV reported that Bashara is on suicide watch in a county jail.

At Bashara’s arraignment Wednesday, bail was set at $15 million, the Free Press reported.

If convicted, both Bashara and Gentz could each face up to life in prison.

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Man threatens his neighbor with a gun after man man farts

When somebody else farts, it’s common to wave your hands — not a gun.

But Daniel Collins was apparently flat-out tired of his neighbor’s flatulence and decided to raise a stink with the help of his trusty firearm.

Police in Teaneck, N.J., said Collins, 72, had been involved in an ongoing dispute with the unidentified neighbor for some time, but Collins got really gassed when the man passed gas near Collins’ apartment door, NJ.com reported.

It apparently was the shot heard (and smelt) around the world — or, at least New Jersey — because Collins allegedly pointed a revolver at the flatulent neighbor in the vestibule of their apartment building and said “I’m going to put a hole in your head,” according to NorthJersey.com.

When police arrived, Collins denied the threat, but consented to a search. Authorities recovered a .32 caliber revolver from his vehicle.

Collins was charged with aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and terroristic threats, but later released on his own recognizance, NBC New York reported.


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Would-be-burglar stuck for 9 hours under door


‘Hang tight!” John Rodriguez told a man who apparently tried to break into his store overnight. “The police are on their way!”

Rodriguez could afford to be flippant, because the man’s head was stuck between a metal door and a concrete loading dock floor, held there by several hundred pounds of pressure.

When Rodriguez, the assistant store manager, came to work at the Rent-A-Center store on Crescent Street and went out back to open the loading-bay doors, about 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, he found a man with his head stuck under the heavy metal door in the rear of the store.

“I happened to walk in and he was there,” Rodriguez said. “I saw that little head sticking out.”

Rodriguez took out his cell phone and began filming, asking why the man, Manuel Fernandes, 53, was trying to break into his store.

On the video, the Fernandes claims he was just “trying to fix the door,” then claims he confused Rent-A-Center with another address, then finally pleads with Rodriguez to let him go, saying that he hasn’t taken anything. The man said he had been under the door since midnight.

“I wanted to talk to him, to ask him questions to make sure he was coherent,” Rodriguez said, noting he didn’t know if the man was seriously injured.

Brockton police responded to the scene about 9 a.m. and pulled the would-be burglar out of the door, said officer Stan David. Pieces of metal from a bed frame had been used to partially lift the door, but it wasn’t high enough and the man got stuck.

Fernandes had a large bruise on the back of his head from the pressure of the door and was sent to the hospital to be checked, David said.

Brockton police spokesman Lt. Paul Bonanca said he couldn’t remember any recent incidents where a burglar was similarly trapped inside a home or business.

“That’s pretty unique,” he said.

Police plan to issue a summons charging him with breaking and entering and malicious damage to property.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Rodriguez.

When approached for further comment later in the day, store employees directed reporters to the company’s corporate office in Plano, Texas. A spokesman declined comment and to make employees available for further interviews.

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Man uses slingshot to fire marbles at speed camera

Police in Maryland say a man has been charged with assault for using a slingshot to fire glass marbles at a speed camera van.

Authorities say Bruce Lawrence May of Ellicott City was arrested Tuesday. The 50-year-old Lawrence was also charged with destruction of property and reckless endangerment. He was released on $3,000 bond.

Howard County police say that at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, the van was near Manor Woods Elementary School when the operator heard something hit the side of the vehicle. The operator saw a minivan pass and saw the driver with a slingshot fire another projectile at the speed camera van.

Police say that May had received two speed camera violations recently.

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