Bobblehead doll of Lincoln’s assassin is pulled


Those looking to complete their assassin doll collection might have a more difficult time finding the John Wilkes Booth bobblehead now that a state museum and national park have deemed it inappropriate for sale.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield this week pulled from its gift shop shelves a bobblehead doll of the man who shot Lincoln. The move was in response to news reports that the Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania had done the same, said museum spokesman Dave Blanchette.

The 7-inch-tall figurine depicts Booth with a drawn handgun and comes in a box that resembles the inside of Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865.

“We agreed with the Gettysburg Military Park’s assessment that they were not appropriate for sale,” Blanchette said Wednesday. “It seems to be in bad taste. It makes light of the assassination of President Lincoln.”

Blanchette said the museum’s administration had not received any complaints about the item, but after considering the reaction in Gettysburg, officials decided to pull the springy figurines at the end of the day Monday.

“This was the first time that we really took a hard look at having these items for sale,” he said.

The Booth bobbleheads have only been available at the museum store since early March and were priced at $24.99. So far, the item had not been a big seller, Blanchette said. The Abraham Lincoln bobbleheads, however, are still for sale and are quite popular among visitors.


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Losing Coach Bites Off Winner’s Ear


A middle school basketball rivalry took a violent turn on Friday, one police said led to one coach biting off part of another’s ear.

After two sixth grade teams played at the Holy Name School in Springfield, Mass., for the boy’s championship basketball game, police received a report of a disturbance.

Police said the assistant coach of the losing team, Timothy Lee Forbes, 34, of Springfield assaulted the coach of the winning team after the game and bit off part of his ear.

People at the game pulled Forbes off the coach, police said, and Forbes ran out of the gym before police arrived.

The victim, a 34-year-old Springfield man, was rushed to the Baystate Medical Center emergency room in an ambulance to reattach the ear and receive medical treatment. He has been released.

Forbes has been charged with mayhem, assault and battery and other charges. His arraignment was set for Monday afternoon in Springfield District Court.

Police said neither team is affiliated with the Holy Name School.


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Man stole judge’s nameplate, posted Facebook photo of himself with it

By staff and news services

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Note to thieves. If you steal a nameplate from a judge, don’t let anyone post a picture of you holding it on Facebook.

Authorities in South Florida say that’s exactly what led to the arrest Thursday of 21-year-old Steven Mulhall on violation of probation charges.

Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that Mulhall pried the $40 nameplate from the courtroom door of Broward Circuit Judge Michael Orlando while making a court appearance. He says Mulhall has multiple petty theft convictions and now faces felony charges.

“The nameplate is like only $40, not that big of a crime, but what an idiot. He puts it on Facebook,” Lamberti told the Palm Beach Post.   “Here he is flaunting it on Facebook. He violated the terms of his parole by stealing, from a judge he appeared before, no less. He’s got multiple convictions for petty theft, so now this is a felony.”

Girlfriend’s Facebook page
Deputies picked up Mulhall, Lamberti added, after verifying the suspect had appeared before Judge Orlando. The judge’s nameplate was pried from the door around Feb. 23, according to the arrest report. A tip to Broward County Crime Stoppers led authorities to Mulhall.

“The tipster gave us his address, name and the Facebook page,” Lamberti told the paper. The picture reportedly was found on Mulhall’s girlfriend’s Facebook page. The girlfriend’s name was Natalie ComaToze Segura, according to arrest records.

The nameplate will be returned to the judge. A phone number wasn’t available for Mulhall.


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Angry Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son’s Penis

WARNING: the following story includes disturbing content and may not be suitable for children.

Doctors in Shenzhen, China have reattached a 6-year-old boy’s penis after his father reportedly bit it off, the Shanghai Daily reports.

According to the paper, witnesses claim that the 32-year-old unidentified father was walking with his completely naked son and 4-year-old daughter on the street Thursday when he commanded the boy to bite his penis.

When the boy refused, the man attacked him.

Horrified passersby subdued the man, forced him to spit out his son’s penis, and called the police, China Buzz states according to local news reports in China.

The boy’s reattachment surgery was successful, but it is too early to tell if he will have normal use of the apendage. The Shanghai Daily reports relatives will care for the boy’s sister.

Cops say that the father is likely to have a mental illness — he was recently seen pretending to strangle his son on their balcony, according to witnesses. Police also found that the man, who was only identified by the surname Yu, was severely in debt after a failed business venture and was often seen gambling.

The horrific story is just one of several involving male genitalia in the past year.

Last year, 53-year-old Arun Sandhukha died after rats bit off his penis at a hospital in India.

According to Asia Age, he was found in a pool of blood by his family who had come to visit him.

“No nurse was found at the scene and he was writhing in pain. His penis had been nibbled by rats,” Sandhukha relative told the paper.



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Man Attacks Mom For Using His Taco Sauce!

What a dip.

Cops jailed a Florida man and his girlfriend on Monday after the two allegedly attacked his mother because she used his salsa and taco sauce without permission, according to police reports obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Christopher Phillips, 23, started arguing with his mom, 55-year-old Rebecca, “because Rebecca used Christopher’s salsa and taco sauce on her dinner,” an officer wrote.

The saucy swindle apparently enraged the man — he allegedly put his mother in such a crushing headlock that her glasses broke.

Christopher Phillips then went into another room to relay the horrific news to his girlfriend, Lisa Tyre, who then also began yelling at the mother. That argument escalated, leaving Rebecca Phillips with two smacks to the face and a cut lip.

When her son wouldn’t let her have the keys to her car to leave, she walked to her husband’s workplace, where they called cops.

Christopher Phillips was charged with domestic battery and held on a $750 bond. Tyre was released on her own recognizance the same day she was arrested.


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Parents Learn Daughter Was Left In Chuck E. Cheese By Watching News

Parents learned their 3-year-old daughter was missing when they saw a news broadcast reporting she’d been found in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

Employees of the Bel Air, Md. pizzeria discovered the girl, Harmony, was by herself when she told a worker that she was thirsty at 8 p.m on Sunday. The manager called police after searching the premises for a parent or guardian. Harford County Sheriff’s deputies waited with Harmony in the restaurant until 9:30 p.m., but no one showed up to get her, according to a press release from the department.

Harmony arrived at the restaurant with a large group of four adults and 10 children. The pizza party broke up around 8 p.m., but apparently none of the relatives noticed that Harmony slipped back inside after she found a token.

After keeping vigil in the restaurant for 90 minutes, the deputies took Harmony to a precinct house. They shared pictures of the girl with local television stations in the hopes of tracking down her parents.

The girl’s mother and father split custody of her and assumed that she was with other family members until they saw an 11 p.m. newscast reporting that she’d been left behind hours before at the restaurant.

Immediately after the segment aired, sheriff’s department officials said both parents called police and Child Protective Services released Harmony to her mother.

Because Harmony was inadvertently abandoned, police officials said they won’t file charges.


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Man gets 2 years prison for semen-tainted yogurt

ALBUQUERQUE – Thursday afternoon, a U.S. District Judge in Albuquerque sentenced Anthony Garcia, 32, of Albuquerque, to a 24-month term of imprisonment for his conviction for adulterating food with semen and making false statements to federal investigators during a criminal investigation. Garcia will be on supervised release for three years after completing his prison sentence. Garcia also was ordered to pay restitution to the victim of his criminal conduct.

Garcia was arrested on July 13, 2011, based on a two-count indictment charging him with (1) adulterating food with semen; and (2) making false statements during the course of a federal investigation. Garcia has been in federal custody since his arrest.

On October 6, 2011, Garcia entered a guilty plea to the indictment. In entering his guilty plea to Count 1 of the indictment, Garcia admitted that, on January 25, 2011, when he was employed in the dairy department of an Albuquerque grocery store, he adulterated a sample of yogurt by putting some of his semen into it. He also admitted putting some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he placed with the yogurt. Garcia then approached a female customer and offered her a sample of the yogurt. According to the plea agreement, the customer accepted the sample from Garcia, tasted it, immediately spat it, and asked to speak to the store’s manager. Garcia threw the yogurt sample into the store’s trash compactor after the customer spoke with the manager.

In pleading guilty to Count 2, Garcia admitted that he knowingly made false statements to a special agent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when he was interviewed about the adulterated yogurt on March 8, 2011 by “falsely stat[ing] that I did not know what the spoon contained, when in truth and fact I knew that the spoon had contained my semen.” Garcia also lied to an Albuquerque Police Department detective on January 25, 2011 when asked if he put semen into the yogurt.

According to court filings, the investigation of this case revealed that Garcia victimized at least four other women on different dates and times by offering them food samples that were adulterated under circumstances similar to the crime charged in this case. In imposing sentence, the Judge described Garcia’s conduct as “heinous.”

In announcing Garcia’s sentence, U.S. Attorney Gonzales said, “This conduct at issue in this case is not a joke, and it is not funny. It is criminal, and the sentence imposed on Garcia today should serve as a warning to those who deliberately adulterate food for the purpose of causing harm to innocent consumers, or as malicious pranks, or for deviant sexual gratification. My Office will continue to work with the FDA to vigorously investigate and prosecute this type of criminal conduct.”

“”This sentence aptly reflects the seriousness of this crime,” said Patrick J. Holland, Special Agent in Charge of the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, Kansas City Field Office. “The FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations will continue to investigate, and bring to justice, those who adulterate food at the expense of unsuspecting consumers. We commend the United States Attorney’s Office for their commitment to this case.”

The case was investigated by the FDA and the Albuquerque Police Department, and was prosecuted by Supervisory Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred J. Federici.


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