300 Human Bones Found in Serial Killers’ Lair

More than 300 human bones have been found in a Linden, Calif., mine where “Speed Freak” serial killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog buried victims of their drug-fueled killing spree.

Shermantine, who is on death row, provided a hand-drawn map to San Joaquin sheriff’s officers to help them locate the burial ground for as many as 10 or more victims from the spree, which occurred during the 1980s and 1990s.

Herzog, when he was told about Shermantine’s cooperation with investigators, killed himself last month.

Today marked the fourth day of searching and sifting through dirt from the mine, which police excavated in batches and then combed through for evidence. In addition to bones, investigators have found clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other personal effects.

According to Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Les Garcia, investigators combed through 12 piles of dirt on Saturday, and 35 piles of dirt Sunday. The search resumed today.

Nearly two dozen searchers and specially trained dogs have helped find the remains since Thursday, when the digging began. Many of the items have been found more than 45 feet deep in the ground, Garcia told ABC News affiliate KXTV.

“It’s tedious,” Garcia said. “They’re going through and finding minute bones and items,” said Garcia.

Among the bones and apparel, searchers found a ring with initials on it, which they hope will help identify one of the killers’ victims.

“We believe the jewelry is going to help us. I believe some engraving. It’s been buried for several years,” said Garcia. “It’s going to be a lengthy process. So, we’re continuing our efforts.”

Police believe that at least two victims have already been identified. One, Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler, a 16-year-old girl, is believed to have been killed by the pair three decades ago.

San Joaquin Sherriff Steve Moore called the Wheeler residence in Crossville, Tenn., Friday morning, to inform them that a skull and other human remains, along with clothes matching the description of what Chevy Wheeler was last seen wearing, had been found.

“Police said they had a diagram from the guy that killed my daughter and they went out and did some digging,” said Raymond Wheeler, Chevy’s father. “I just can’t believe that devil decided to speak out over 20 years later.”

Another woman, Cyndi Vanderhein, was 25 when she was last seen in front of her home in Linden in 1998.

“Thursday we found a first set of remains, and after preliminary tests conducted on a partial skull we’re led to believe they may be that of Cyndi Vanderheiden,” Garcia said.

Garcia said Vanderheiden’s family members were contacted and were informed that these were just preliminary findings. He also told ABC News that these remains were found about a quarter of a mile away from property once owned by Shermantine’s family in Calaveras County.

A second search conducted Friday on property that formerly belonged to Shermantine and his family led to a second set of partial human remains along with articles of clothing.

“The clothes they found match the exact description of what Chevy was wearing that day my wife dropped her off at school,” Wheeler said. “My wife still remembers exactly what she had on the last time we saw her.”

The girl’s father was also told by investigators that the remains were found wrapped inside a blanket and that DNA tests conducted by the Department of Justice would provide a positive identification.

The sheriff’s department said it’s too early to tell how many different bodies they’ve found. They say the next step is sending all the tagged items to the Department of Justice for DNA analysis.

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Woman Allegedly Punches Son During Anger Management Class

A Kentucky woman was arrested last week for allegedly punching her 10-year-old son in the face — during an anger management course.

Misty Lawson, 30, a self-described “professional baby maker” on her Facebook page, punched her son in the face and body several times during an in-home, state-mandated class aimed at curbing her anger, according to The Weekly Vice.

Cops said that the assault left the boy with a knuckle-shaped imprint on his face, all because he allegedly called his mom a “bitch.”

Luckily, a counselor witnessed the alleged assault and called police, who reported the incident to Child Protective Services, WDRB reported. Lawson was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault.

But it’s not Lawson’s first run-in with the law, or her first fit of anger — her social network pages are full of it.

“Bitch don’t b mad cause I had him 1st! On my level u will never be! F–k [Expletive Deleted] you bitch get like me!” Lawson rages at a nameless person on her MySpace page, continuing on her rant in another post, “I am a good person but a lil rough around da edges. I have a hot temper wit a short fuse.”

In June 2011, Lawson and her “man” Derek Noel were arrested for allegedly leaving their then 9- and 12-year-old kids in the back seat of a hot car while they got their pictures taken, according to WDRB.

Lawson has a long rap sheet to go with her newest arrest, including possession of stolen property, marijuana possession, menacing, resisting arrest and contempt of court.


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Chainsaw-Wielding Drunk Attacks Pub Patrons

Surveillance footage has surfaced of a chainsaw-wielding thug attacking pub patrons at a UK bar last year — all because he wasn’t allowed to smoke inside.

Dean Dinnen, 24, was arrested in August after he entered The Endyke Pub in Hull with a chainsaw, threatening customers and obliterating every object in his path, according to the Hull Daily Mail website.

The video shows Dinnen — who was boozed up and on drugs at the time — waltz casually into the pub, flailing his weapon and holding it near patrons’ faces. He was looking for a man who had thrown him out for lighting a cigarette inside the pub, despite a smoking ban in the area, several news outlets reported.

But customers weren’t having it.

Bar patrons armed themselves with kegs, pool cues and barstools, flinging them at Dinnen from a distance. He ripped open the arm of Adrian Pryor, 32, with the chainsaw, but realized during the melee that the guy he was actually looking for had already left.

“I ran. I did not look back. I could hear the chainsaw screaming behind me I got the feeling he was right behind me,” witness Kevin Fletcher said, according to the Daily Mail. “I fell over on the way out and got up and ran again I thought if I had been at the back of the crowd I would be dead.”

The video ends with Dinnen leaving the bar and then getting pummeled by his would-be victims.

He pleaded guilty to several charges including causing grievous bodily harm, and was sentenced to three years in prison, Newscore reported.

“This was a really horrendous incident,” Judge Michael Mettyear said. “It must have been so, so frightening for people. The sound alone of one of these machines in that sort of space would terrify people and it did terrify people.”

Pryor, the only victim in the incident, had to undergo surgery after Dinnen cut through the skin and muscle of his arm.

“I had to undergo an operation under anesthetic to repair my tendons and received 21 stitches,” Pryor said, in statement read to Hull Crown Court. “I had to have a splint in my arm, which was extremely uncomfortable and painful, and was off work for six weeks. I feel this will be with me for the rest of my life.”

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Burglar breaks in, folds clothes, cooks dinner

By msnbc.com staff and news services

When a South Bend, Ind. mother returned home Monday night with her son, she discovered Keith Davis, 46, had neatly folded her clothes, swept the floor and cooked dinner. The problem? Davis was a burglar.

“I seen my living room light on and the bedroom light on, so once we came up the stairs I figured my brother was home,” Ashley Murray told WNDU. “I turned the knob and it was locked, so I seen my screen open and I pushed my window open and it was some random guy in my kitchen.”

Murray told the station she walked away from the window with her son and called the police before yelling at Davis to leave her home.

“I’m like, ‘The police are on their way!’ And he told me, ‘The police already been here,’ closed my window, locked it back up and closed my door and sat in a chair in front of the window until the police came,” Murray said.

Murray told WNDU she noticed Davis had cooked some chicken and onions in a pan, folded her clothes and swept the floor. She told WSBT Davis even put a sheet and pillow on her couch.

“The police said it looked like he was a good chef. It looked like he had broth and everything in it,” she said.

Davis was arrested despite adamantly stating he was in his own home. He was charged with breaking and entering.

According to WNDU, the man told police he had woken up in the apartment,  and a woman told him to get a set of keys from a closet. Murray said Davis had a set of her keys in his pocket when he was arrested and suspects Davis had been watching her and saw when she placed a set of keys in a storage unit for her brother to use when he arrived later that night from Indianapolis.

‘He really seemed to think this was his home’
When officers asked Davis where he lived he gave officers an address that didn’t exist. According to the affidavit, officers had a difficult time understanding his speech.

“Me and the police think he was on some type of drug. He really seemed to think this was his home,” Murray told WNDU.

Murray said her son later recognized Davis as a neighbor from across the complex. The son said he had seen Davis watching him and his friends when they played outside.

Davis didn’t steal anything beyond the food.

“He drunk up my orange juice, but it’s cool because he swept up my floor and folded my clothes,” Murray told WNDU.

Prosecutors requested a $5,000 bond because Murray was concerned Davis might return, but the judge lowered it to $1,000. The prosecutor is requesting Davis undergo a psychological evaluation.


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Cops Bust Naked Burglar Covered In Chocolate, Peanut Butter

FEBRUARY 3–A naked burglar covered in chocolate and peanut butter was arrested early Tuesday after workers found him inside a Kentucky supermarket.

Andrew Toothman, 22, was collared by State Police troopers who responded to a 911 call from the Food World IGA market in the city of Neon (pop. 770). Pictured in the above mug shot, Toothman was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and indecent exposure.

A court citation filed yesterday notes that Toothman–who was only wearing a pair of black boots–had “peanut butter and chocolate smeared all over person.” Troopers noted that the store’s front door was “busted out,” and that several fire extinguishers had been discharged. Peanut butter and chocolate were also spread on the market’s floor and in the manager’s office.

But the most bizarre bit of vandalism, investigators reported, involved NyQuil, the popular cold and flu remedy. “There was nyquil on the floor that spelled out sorry,” according to the February 2 citation.

Toothman admitted to breaking into the market, troopers noted. The Kentuckian is being held in the Letcher County jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.


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Judge Orders Florida Man To Take His Wife on a Date


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a Florida judge ruled on Tuesday that a man involved in a scuffle with his wife treat her to an evening at a local bowling alley and a romantic meal at Red Lobster.

Judge John Hurley ordered that Joseph Bray, 47 and his wife Sonja, 39, also visit a marriage counselor.

Hurley handed down this ruling instead of setting bond or slapping Bray with a prison sentence after he deemed domestic violence charges leveled by Bray’s wife to be “very, very minor.”

According to Bray’s arrest affidavit, Bray and his wife got embroiled in a spat after he failed to wish her a happy birthday. Bray’s wife claims that her husband shoved her against a sofa and grabbed her neck.

The judge, citing Bray’s otherwise clean record and the incident’s apparent lack of serious violence, did not consider Bray’s behavior a major offense. However, Bray must follow the stipulations of Hurley’s ruling very closely if he wants to avoid potential jail time.

“He’s going to stop by somewhere and he’s going to get some flowers,” Hurley said at a hearing, according to Florida newspaper Sun Sentinel. “And then he’s going to go home, pick up his wife, get dressed, take her to Red Lobster. And then after they have Red Lobster, they’re going to go bowling.”

Hurley noted that he would not typically treat a domestic violence charge in a similarly jocular or light-hearted manner.

“The court would not normally [make this ruling] if the court felt there was some violence but this is very, very minor and the court felt that that was a better resolution than the other alternatives,” Hurley said.

According to Google Maps, there is a Red Lobster conveniently located in Plantation, Florida—Bray’s city of residence—adjacent to a Kohl’s and nearby the Broward Mall.

Fortunately for Bray and his wife, the Plantation Red Lobster receives high marks in Google Maps’ Review section.

Google user Georgia Valente writes that “of all the Red Lobsters in South Florida,” the couple’s dinner destination is “quite possibly the best.”

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Chicken lays really jumbo egg in Colombia

SAN FRANCISCO, Colombia — A farmer hopes his hen’s enormous egg will make it into the record books.

The farmer’s daughter got a real surprise recently when she found the egg weighing 8.6 ounces, or about four times the normal weight of an egg.

The farmer, Hernando Niño, from the Cundinamarca region, says he plans to contact Guinness World Records as he’s never seen in his 20 years of farming anything like what his 5-year-old hen, named Franciscana, laid.

“The egg will stay in a glass case for people to see and so it is preserved,” Niño said.


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